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About PK

Hey Guys!

My names Phoebe Kay. I’ve been a Qualified Nutritionist and Personal Trainer for the past 10 years. Initially working for David Lloyd in London and now running PK Fitness in Sheffield.

I love helping wonderful women develop a strong, supple and happy body. Improving their fitness, strength and mobility through energising, fun and diverse workouts. Combining functional exercises with bursts of cardio, plyometric movements, core progressions, a dynamic warmup and ALWAYS a lovely stretch to finish.

I love the power exercise has, to build confidence, inspire positive actions and develop a lifelong ‘buzz’ for healthy living. I’m all about having fun, chasing the burn and motivating women to find a new limit.

Wherever you are in your fitness, I’ll be cheering you on…


Love Phoebe Kay x

What you get from PKfitness

Personal Training with TRX suspension

Personal Training

Personal Training offers one to one support, motivation and exclusive workouts to suit your body type, needs and goals.

Nutritional Advice

Receive weekly Nutrition newsletters so that you can keep up to date on food facts, recipes and more to assist your health journey.

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Keep Fit, Firm & Fab

Say goodbye to yoyo dieting! Hello to consistent results and a healthier, happier, more confident you!

Social Networking

Join the PKfitness Whatsapp group and share your support, motivation and health journey with fellow PKfitness clients.

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Fun Classes

A variety of fun fitness classes with great great music for you to enjoy alongside other women who have similar goals.