FIT in The Park

Turn Up. Train Hard. HIIT Up The Outdoors!

These short workouts are designed to target your whole-body, focussing on Strength, Core, Power AND Mobility!

This class is perfect for you if you’re looking to improve Sporting Performance OR you’re looking to get a good all-round work-out ticked off for the week. Every class begins with a dynamic warm-up and finishes with a good stretch! I do give alternative exercises (regressed and advanced versions) throughout the session so you can adapt the workout to suit you.

What To Expect
• Brand New Full Body Workout Every Week
• Killer Ab and Waist Routine To Finish!
• HIIT Circuits Combined With Strength & Mobility Work (I may bring weights and bands some weeks for variation)
• Manage Your weight, Build strength, Fire Up Your Metabolism & Boost Your Overall Health

For £70 you’ve got access to 10 ‘PK’ classes (4 month expiry). With this package you have the option to mix and match between the two classes on offer. Alternatively, you can Pay as you go for £8 if you’d prefer the flexibility of deciding on the day.

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Tue 6:30pm Milhouses Park
Football Astro | Oct-Feb
Limb Lane Dore Playing Field | Mar-Sep

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10 sessions for £70

Or pay as you go for £8